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Tri-lite Take Two Photo


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I'm still trying to get a photo of the Tri-lite which really shows the in-hand look of the marble. Can't be done, of course, but I think I can get closer. This one's okay.

What's lacking so far is the 3-D 'ness' of the blue and white. The white 'stripes' are actually more like the edges of ribbons which penetrate into the marble. What look like blue stripes here are the trasparent base at the surface.

Funny how some marbles are so much easier than average to photograph, and some are way more difficult, with neither giving you advance warning of the situation. Cheers, Bob

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Oh boy. Thanks a LOT, Bob! Seriously, as well as sarcastically. I like the marble I have so much more than I ever expected, but had no idea that there were variations on the theme. (Now I guess it's time for a Tri-Lite 'favorite search'! You wouldn't have a couple extra quid until next week, would you?)

Beautiful shots, and fantastic the way you used the two of them to show the different 'faces'! Bob

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