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Peltier Timeline


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1931, Sunset Agates


Looks like that could be this box.


The panel the ad came from because it's charming:

(click to enlarge)


They were offered as a prize to the 4th place scorer in Madison, WI's marble tournament.

The first place winner was to receive a new suit of clothes, dress shoes, a free pressing of a suit, and the trip to Chicago for the regional competition. But in the end, the hardware store gave both boys a box of marbles and a Cornelian shooter.

A couple of the related articles.

(click to enlarge0

th_1931_03_29_SunsetAgatesBoxAsPrize.jpg . . . th_1931_04_23_RomanzoHome_SunsetAgates.jpg

Romanzo may have gone on to play bush league ball -- not certain, but there was a "hurler" by the same name, of the appropriate age a few years later. (Can't jump to conclusions. Many Schneiders from different families settled in the area, including my great-great-grandparents. Many cousins and even unrelated people had identical names.)

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More 1930's

1933 - ?



(click to enlarge)


I think I have Morton salt ad from 1938 also. Maybe other years also.

I presume this to be a Berry Pink promo. Definitely have other examples of premiums which are or are likely his doing. Some say Marble King.

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1988 - The Nova Family

Here's a pretty powerful thread summarizing info about Rootbeer Floats, Novas, and other members of the extended Nova family: So Whats The Scoop On Peltier Rootbeer Floats, were they only made in a limited size?

Worth separate mention: Rootbeer float experimental lot Galen posted at LOM

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"First Run" and "Second Run" Pelts - 2002

Related threads:

First Run Pelts

Pelts, 1st & 2nd runs

Update: the newest thread to date. Super interesting company history.

Peltier First And Second Runs? This is new to me

Answers the question of when marble production stopped. 2002 seems to be it.

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