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Alley Timeline


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I have some material for this also. As with the MFC thread, some odd bits now, but I'll try to add the normal bits also someday.

April 16, 1882

Lawrence Everett Alley is born in Kentucky.

April 22, 1910

He is a coach painter in Huntington, W. Va. (Census)


L. E. Alley is Vice President, General Manager and Purchasing Agent of the Kingwood Glass Co., Kingwood, W. Va. (National Glass Budget Directory)

Sept. 12, 1918

He is a glass blower at the Western Glass Co. in St. Marys, W. Va. (WWI Registration)

April 27, 1942

WWII Registration. Sort of interesting description. But no extra marble info.

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Various Names and Moves, to be added from American Machine Made Marbles

Note: Now I've procrastinated for three years. Maybe I'll update this soon. I hope!

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