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Just Another Waxed Marble

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well I got this marble a few weeks ago and thought it was neat as it is an end of or first off marble ?? I think so at least . so I thought it should be helped a little so I waxed it so it would show better . Mike








it is not a wax but a industrial water soluble polymer that is used as a floor finish in schools

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No Kidding! Some details! Does the solution do anything to the glass after it has been on there? Any yellowing? Is it easy to do? etc and so on.....

Ps, I checked out your link to the pictures and WOW-o-WOW do you have some nice marbles! And some nice pictures of others marbles and AKRO!!!!!!

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Hi all this does not damage the marble , it does not yellow ,and it does not fill in chips , but it will fill in small nicks , it is very much like painting on water , you must put on a very little as it will flow down . I have started using this on my African trade beads .

Also if you want to remove it just soak in water and wash it off , but it will take a while as it is a hard finish since it is made for high traffic hall ways in a school .

I have had some well over 10 years and still look great . There was a lot of years ago an artist that used a product like this but it was a little different as he would apply and then put in a sphere machine to make round , I saw a 2 inch clambroth that he did , he ground the glass down and then repainted the lines and then applied a polymer and then ground round , he did a great job but the marble community complained so much he stopped redoing marbles. Mike

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