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Dauft Glass And Crockery Company Toledo Oh 1897-1898 Catalog


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Neat. Those "agates" can't be stone, not at those prices. So I guess they're what is sometimes called imitation agates. But if that's so I don't have a guess for what crockery would be. Oh, would crockery be jaspers?

No, I don't like those guesses. Not when I compare the prices of "agates" and "crockery". p.s., those "agates" are huge.

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Note this is a Trade catalog which I assume to be wholesale at the time. That might explain the pricing structure as well. This is my first find in "print related" marble stuff.


Hope all is well. I was up with Noah tonight so MOM could sleep for a change. Sis was looking a little sleep deprived yesterday, so I took the late shift! New borns are so fun.

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Here's a bit about Daudt. Don't know if it's the best avaiable. Just did a quick google. :-)

1901: Christopher Daudt's home in Toledo.

1908: Tariff Hearings, p. 4046

1910: Memoirs of Lucas County and the City of Toledo, p. 593

1917: A History of Northwest Ohio, p. 1124

In 1919, a Michigan Bureau of Labor report said they employed 4 men and 10 women.

I haven't yet tried to reconcile the crockery and "agate" prices with anything else. that would require focus ! I'm not up to that at the moment. :blush:

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Thanks for doing the foot work that you did. It is appreciated greatly. I just got it and really thought you guys would like to see what was for sale then, but you probably already knew what was out there. For me this is opening all kinds of doors of exploration.



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