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Films I Betcha Haven't Seen ... Or Have You?

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In 1957 a movie was made of the VFW national tourney in Seattle. It was shown at VFW meetings.

In 1951, Sellers Peltier was one of five "small town personalities" showcased on a Chicago television show. The WGN film crew had taken "movies" at the Peltier factory. Parts were dubbed into the program.

Do those films still exist?

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I thought maybe I'd found a snippet of the VFW marble tourney film buried in different VFW movie, but no, the dates are wrong. Still this seems a good place to put other obscure films. Just a tiny bit of marble play here. You might like 'em anyway.

From 1955:

At minute 13 of part one of "The Magic Bond" is a little bit of tournament action. Part 1. Part 2.

From 1936:

A few boys play marbles at the beginning of this short movie about the soap box derby, featuring the national tournament at Akron, O. The All-American Soap Box Derby.

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