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The New Furnace Marbles

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These cool marbles were produced while washing out the glass furnace tank at Jabo in preparation for the recent Encore Run. Reminiscent of the Champion Furnace Runs of the mid-90's....


Ebay - Marbles For Sale

Hi, Very nice. They almost have a 5/8" feeling to them but I suppose they're 3/4". Where might they be had?

Any idea how far along Jabo runs are booked at this time?

Re. these marbles - not quite 'furnace' but decidedly worthy. In the flurry of Jabo marbles since the Fall of 2007

some of the finest I've seen were a group of eight pairs(all 5/8") sent to me by Dale Simmons that hearkened

back to sand-layered CAC marbles. Pure deadly! Oh, they were from the Nov. 27th, 2007 run or one of the

runs right before then.

Just popped up a 'stream of consciousness' pc. SORTING PLEASURES on the Board. The Board needs some

mellowing out at times! David Chamberlain. P.S. Easier to email me: [email protected]

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They have been trading on ebay very good!!! i think if i heard correctly there were less than 3 cases made!!! The next generation of KILLER!!!!!!! MARBLES!!!!!! I love the ones i was lucky enough to get. Dave M. is truly the master of machine made marbles! IMHO.


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