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True Vintage Hand Ground Agate Question?

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I was at Amana years ago and saw Brian Estepp with a box of old agates. he stated check out those facets....As I check it our with a lupe I could see all over these grind flatted marks. I was not into them at the time and did not buy them. Now I am buying some trying to get what I saw years ago and nothing come close. Somebody mentioned the facets have been polished off . After grinding them he said they put them in a barrel and polished off all the facets?. Where can I get some like I saw years ago?. Please let me know your opinions...(sorry for the speling).Steve

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make it clear that you want HAND GROUND vintage agates, there are plenty available and at reasonable prices, don't accept any.... "they polished them off" answers.

I'm sure if you ask around you will find plenty here have them, maybe a trade is in the midst?


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