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  1. Yes Ro makes his own using Kugler and Reichenbach rod, helped him make some at Wheaton a few years ago. I checked the Murano website and found the cane I have may be special mix millefiori 104, I'll still give it a try as I've found the SP-87 W/ER coe 96 has a bit of flexibility, I've used bullseye aventurine with a coe of 87-89 without failure so I will cross my fingers.
  2. hard to say B, looking at the vintage Murano weights and vases with those canes in them I am hoping to get lucky. I'll do a small one with about a dozen canes as a test first. I have been using SP-87 w/ Erbium. the yellows seem similar to #77 and #78 also the lapis blue seems dead on in color.
  3. Trying to ID the milli I found these vases on Ebay item # 291112928814 same canes! LOL Looks like I'll be making a couple modern antique Murano millefiori cane paperweights someday LOL.
  4. Someday I'm sure I will try them in a paperweight, have to do a small one first to test compatibility. I love Popeyes too! the handmades were in the jar of milli.
  5. Gotta love the local flea market! found a cool jar full of millefiori cane and 4 handmades, also found 2 popeyes and a ringer in a qt. jar.
  6. Great info agreed! Thank you, I am surprised Alley only made 6 animals, I had the rooster, the swan and the pecking bird but sold them long ago, the rooster was blue and white the pecking bird was clear as was the swan. Of the 5 I pictured only the squirrel is Alley. Thanks again!
  7. Here is an interesting moonie, has a metallic streak on the surface and the blue tint I mentioned, 11/16" it also has sort of a hand gathered construction, there is a surfaced bubble right in the center of the folded crease where you can see clearly an ice blue transparent, it glows nice and bright. Any ideas of maker? I did not dig this at Akro, found in the wild many years ago.
  8. NO!!! my twin cousins did that to a handful of my marbles when I was a kid, I could have killed them both!! it sounds like bacon frying
  9. I've only seen a small amount of Peltier cullet and it was for slags, as for Akro cullet I've seen a bit for just about every marble known, now when it comes to CA, that is a tough one, I've had many pounds of it over the years and seen all the colors in the well known marbles including blue, green and clear Guineas, green based Submarines and clear based Cyclones and Cobra's but not one speck of exotic cullet, that statement caused a hell of a stir a few years ago but I still hold firm on my belief based on archeological evidence. JMHO
  10. After looking at that box of flint moonies I see 3 maybe 4 that may have a blue tint, not all are a perfect match in color as the boxes you posted earlier are. from left to right/top to bottom, row 3 marble 5, row 4 marble 3 and row 5 marble 4. The old rule for flinties is they had to have the eyes in any color and in those eyes was almost a tunnel to see through pole to pole. I didn't write any of the books nor did I have any contributing input.
  11. You may be correct with "flint moonie" I can only go by recollection, I remember the rule moonies had to glow, I am not 100% about who said CA moons have the blue tint but it is the rule I used for myself to separate the types, there is a distinct difference in the 2 types, the one having the blue tint is more transparent and swirls are clearer to see and they have no eyes, as for the ones I call Akro moonies, they all glow as per the old rule and only the flinties had to have the eyes, I've never owned an original un-opened box of either so I cannot say with any certainty. It would be a miracle to see an un-opened box from old stock, it would solve all our questions. I just used the old rules and descriptions that have been followed for years and based the CA's on the blue tint as they are definitely different than the known Akro's. I apologize if the blue tint has caused confusion, it's just the rule I have used for many years. As for cut lines, these must be the hardest marble to determine where the cut is.
  12. Hi Hansel, the one pictured with the CA's is just over 11/16" and glows when looking through it, also it has no eye. As I mentioned, I always based them on their immediate color, the CA's seem to have a blue tint when viewed in hand and have a more transparent base with swirls visible, the Akro moonies I have all glow and the white flinties do not glow, to me a white flintie has the typical eye and does not glow, not many of my glowing moonies have the eye,I am not sure when I made this determination on categorizing them, it must have been long ago but to me the Akro moonies and flinties all seem to be more "white" in hand with less transparency. Interesting question now that it has been asked, a moonie glows and white flintie doesn't?? Many years ago at the shows I would spend quite a bit of time with Stanley Block and Bob asking questions and sharing thoughts about particular marble characteristics, maybe it was Stanley who gave me the CA blue tint clue and the Akro moonie and flintie differences??.
  13. 3 CA moons compared to an Akro moonie, note the light blue tint, I also note that CA's had a more transparent look to them with swirls visible whereas Akro had a more cloudy base with the eye.
  14. As I remember the CA moons had a slight blue tint when viewed in hand but glowed orange when backlit?? If you look at Sabino opaline glass you will see the blue tint I mention.
  15. All 3 were dug at Akro, all 3 have orange glow, sizes are 1/2" 7/16" and 3/8", the patch has a whispy clear area as described in the milkies or realers. All the marbles that I have ever called Akro moonies have the orange glow, also the old opaline glass also shows the orange glow.
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