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  1. wadely1212

    Found Anything Curious Lately?

    http://www.marblecollecting.com/app/download/7114665084/CAT1110-Final.pdf check out lot 113 here is something similar that sold at auction a few years ago
  2. wadely1212


    not only that but with the reproduction of marbles today and these bulgarian marbles surfacing trying to be germans.. a marble whether its a lattiacino solid core onionskin banded lutz any from the early days of the mid 1800's to the early 1900's of being more complex marbles...a pontil hasn't strayed from the orginal i haven't seen a pontil regular ground facet pinch look much different then each other... with that being said i use this to compare a marble to see if its real or repro... also studying pontil can help with seeing if a marble has been buffed polished or orginal
  3. wadely1212


    brian graham has some very nice examples of mfc multicolored bricks and crystal bricks shoot him a picture
  4. wadely1212

    Marble Auction Data...

    it a dark red red base class with colors on the surface just as an indain would be... and not it wasn't polished before.. i did have this in hand before it went to morphy's and it WAS a nice piece
  5. wadely1212

    Marble Auction Data...

    do you know that the red indian maglite that is the third one on the list is now polished... after spending 13200 on Marble the owner went and polished it
  6. wadely1212

    How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

  7. wadely1212

    Largest Vintage Handmade?

    doesn't randy have one that's 3" isn't it the largest marble on record
  8. well i had to work i did look at the auction once on friday and was very suprized to see the LOW level of marbles.. i mean there weren't a whole lot of marbles the were 1000's of dollars.... also i think he has lowered his standers he's taking marble kings as consignment.... wow... and the were bumble bee. thats a new low ... plus i don't feel bad that i didn't even bid i know there was nothing really that great espically if randy stayed home.. the auction must have brought very low prices...
  9. wadely1212

    Christensen Agate Moons Box

    bob when is the dead line for the next marble auction your having i have some i might consign.
  10. wadely1212

    Marble Auction

    why don't you ask bob block he does his online and live its on icollector.com he has sometime a 150- 200 lots...
  11. here is a link to morphy's auction in 2012 the were 2 indian banded lutz the had 3 bands of lutz but they were 5/8 and 11/16" that sold for 900.00 http://morphyauctions.hibid.com/catalog/26780/october-20th-2012-marble--14-?cat=0&sort=1&hide=0&qs=0&view=0&aView=0&q=indian+lutz&selCat=0
  12. wadely1212

    Hello Every One

    hi greg
  13. wadely1212

    The Mfc Horde Arrived....

    where are these picture
  14. wadely1212

    William Mckinley Sulphide

    greg11 your famous someone mentioned you on ebay.....can i have your autograph....
  15. wadely1212

    William Mckinley Sulphide

    read all the added comments the seller has put on the listing he even commented about this thread here on MC.