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One Marble

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This, to me, is an intriguing marble. I call it my 'day and night' marble.

Side one, the lighter/day side, has a soft, wispy cloud-like look about it


Side two, the darker/night side, has deeper tones and that sparkly evening starry look


Marbles are fun to look at, explore and enjoy. Each one has an artistic quality and I'm always happy to see this art form continue to bring pleasure. It's like having a glass art museum display right in your own home.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

:-) Felicia

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It is neat and after some more ponderings, it came to mind that without the 'what if's' and 'hey, let's try this', we'd miss out on some very fantastic looking marbles. Thinking now on oldmarblenut/Scott's experience this past week, you've just got to go for it when you can and see what happens...experimenting is probably the best way to find out more of the do's and don't's. Seems the most amazing things happen as well.

(Just my thoughts and ponderings)

Have a great day!

:-) Felicia

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