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Shadow Box Little Bottles And Marbles

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Hi All well I pick up this home made shadow box it has all sort of little bottles and three areas had marbles , I just had to get it . now what to do with the bottles , what are they called ?? any value ?? HOPPING . the marbles in the areas were all older but when I got the glass off they were all chipped except a few . SO I need some info on the bottles / homemade shadow box . The best marble and in mint shape was a banded clearie . The green mica and the other 5/8 hand made were chipped badly . The other one of interest was a 5/8 crockery , I thought that was nice since all I have are bigger . they some pelts, slags blue but a nice sky blue slag and a few WV swirls with one with flames . Mike












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I frequently find these bottles at sales and yard sales... Some are marked Wheaton on the bottom (Yep, that's the NJ Glass Factory) Some are marked Taiwan (We all know what that means!! LOL)

I always buy the Wheaton ones if I can pick 'em up for less than a dollar... They always sell for at least $3... Some are more, but I don't usually get too crazy about the detail... They are a "Bread & Butter" type item for my co-op space... Glass color and topic rules apply... Blue & Red= Best, Amber & Green= Not as hot.... I haven't studied the hot topics... Some go lots better than others.

The others I find (Taiwan or unmarked) don't sell...

Here's a search for completed items on ebay... You'll have to be signed in to open it.

Wheaton Mini Bottles on eBay

PS... The eye cup is cool!! Lots of people use them for marble stands!! ;)

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