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The company was founded by Akro employees Clinton Israel, Claude Grimmett and John Moulton. John Early joined them soon.

It opened in May and started shipping marbles in October.

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This Master ad is from Jan 1931. I never would have guessed from the wording how early that was in the company's history.

They have only been shipping for 3 or 4 months at this point but the ad is written as if they have an established track record of sales. "Preferred above all others by the marble-shooting 'stars' of boydom". Charming audacity!

(click to enlarge)


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1933 - 1934 -- the Worlds Fair in Chicago

The big coup! Their famous House of Marbles:


Several types of packaging, some famous, some less so:

Steve's (n2marbles') bag:

(click to enlarge)



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