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Industrial Uses For Marbles - Summary


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Here's the very cool industrial uses thread: Whaddaya Know About ... Industrial Uses For Marbles?

It's not only "industrial". It includes some sorta of play and decoration-related ones, but of course different from the ordinary knuckle down marble game sort of play.

And below is where I'm starting an index coz it's just so darned long already, and I know there is more to come. It'll take me a bit to catch up, and to figure out how I want to organize the index. :-)

Starting with material from the first several entries, alphabetizing in a way

ammuntion, e.g. Civil War

anti-compaction in shipping of some powders

back-flow preventers

carpet rollers (what is that? I don't know yet. :-)

moving heavy materials, e.g. rolling caskets into mausoleums

In drink dispensers. (codd bottles)

shipping and manuf. for fiberglass

foot massages........

furniture casters

graining balls for stone lithography

note, towel, & broom holders

Torpedo bombs for oil wells

Reflectors, both signs and vehicle.

agitators for Spray Paint Cans

water filter balls (IE Atlanta Olympics/Tennessee dredge).

To be continued ...

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