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Can Someone Tell Me How To Remove My Old Id Mjrdiamond

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  • 2 weeks later...

What you should do is just disappear and do us all a favor.... Back to your old tricks again Mike Reliford, bidding and not paying for them again, under another phoney ebay name mibsguy1815 alias Mike Clark, not only have you screwed me again you also didnt pay for 7 of the items you won from puttyface6, you are a blight on mankinds posterior, a pinple that needs popped, after you screw sellers on ebay you come into here and claim you dont need ebay what i liar you are, then you say that you buy all your great items at local autions or face to face deals, you are one sick deranged individual and someday you will get your just rewards, I am sure that anyone that still deals with you will take it in the shorts, but then there always is another victim waiting for some sorry scathing person like you isnt there... bet you dont even have a pet do you Mike, it proably found a better neighborhood or just flat run away.....you are a real piece of work Mike.........

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