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Old German Sent To Rehab


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You bring up an interesting subject and I'd love to try your suggestion. Send me an email at [email protected]. There are some things about breaking off the impact before melting that you should consider. Consider that once you "knock" off the shattered glass of an impact the glass is gone from that area and what you have left is a hole with missing glass. In other words it seems to me that in order to heal an impact or chip or whatever on the marble by remelt, one needs to have the glass that is there so that it "fills" in. This will most likely leave residue on the surface that can be removed with my method very easy. When I receive marbles with impacts that still have the glass, I have a very small hammer that is pointed on one end. I use this the "knock" off the impact glass and in so doing it will reduce the machine time considerably. If it is real bad as some of them are, I take the marble to my Diamond Arbor and grind off most of the damage. By doing this it will take hours and hours off of the time that the marble will have to spend in the machine with the first stage. What happens with an impact that still has the glass in it, is the glass will act as a bridge and the grinding heads will have to grind the surface of impact glass down (until they are gone) as well as the rest of the marbles surface. Sure hope this makes since (plain as day to me-LOL) Anyway, I'd sure be happy to try your suggestion, Rich. Later----Leroy----This is my own opinion and unless you have more and better experience and information it is not subject to ridicule or condemnation.

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