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Hello everyone,

I was invited to the Tribute marble run and I made a video of it. Below is a link and some comments about it that I had posted elsewhere.

Regarding the video, my intent is to leave it up for a short period, after that the WVMCC and the Texas Marble Collectors club will have them available for people who might want a copy and a chance to support some good marble clubs (proceeds from any sales will be kept by the Clubs).

When Steve invited me out to see how they made marbles at Jabo and to film it I didn't really think that this would be much of a project. While I had never done anything like this before I figured hey "how hard can it be?" I figured I'd go out shoot some video with my camcorder and put it up on YouTube and voila! Easy marble video right?

Well when I got home I had about 4-1/2 hours of video, it was about this time that I discovered that YouTube will only let you upload a ten minute video so… I got a video editing program which I had no clue how to use but again, hey "how hard can it be?" Well once I finally figured out how to get the video onto my computer and into the editing program I had to figure out which 10 minutes of video I wanted to use. I never did figure this part out, the best that I could do was 26 minutes :)

I also realized that I had a problem, the machinery at Jabo is so loud that there really wasn't any usable sound, just the roaring sound of the glass tank and the machinery. So I thought I'd do a David Attenborough type narrative, only problem was I couldn't afford Mr. Attenborough so I had to work with this monotone turkey who would work for free. But before the MT (monotone turkey) could start recording I had to write the narrative, I'd never done anything like this before but (you guessed it) hey "how hard could it be?" Well once again I miscalculated, it took much longer than what I thought, at some point in the process I realized that not only did the commentary need to make sense but it also had to be in sync with the video. I had to do some more editing at this point and the MT was of no help at all, I tried to get him to speed up or slow down his narrative to help sync with the video but he just didn't have the talent, next time I'll use a union guy!

After I got to this point I decided that the video needed a little livening up so I figured I'd add some music to it. Ever the optimist I figured hey "how hard could it be?" Did you know that you can't just go rip a song off of your favorite Abba or Bee Gees album and use it for your video? Well I'm here to tell you, you can't. So I had to learn about Royalty Free Music. The first thing I learned is that it really isn't free, you are asked to make a donation which isn't a problem but how much of a donation should you make? I mean you don't want to insult anyone by making too small of a donation but if you give too much you might as well go a little bit more and get the kick butt Abba or Bee Gees stuff right? Well I think I gave too much because the fellow who did the music sent me flowers and a box of chocolates and told me if I ever did another video he would love to write a special score for it.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, thanks to all who check out the video, I hope that if you've ever wondered how a marble is made the video gives you an idea of the process and if you ever decide to make a marble video this ramble gives you encouragement :) Thank you, Joe Street.

JABO Video

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How hard can it be? How many times have i said that. Great job Joe,lots of time and effort. I have people at work ask how do you make marbles? Now they have seen the video and understand much better than my ramblings. Now maybe they will not think i am totally crazy and stop asking if i have lost my marbles. I am on the waiting list for a few of these for gifts and future questons,how do they make marbles.

I can already see in the crystal ball,more projects in your future. See you in Columbus.

Thanks Joe

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