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  1. I received one of the Jewel Tray clocks as a gift this past Christmas.
  2. wvrons

    Final 2

    Could be Alley, Ravenswood, or Champion ? One of those three but not enough separate traits to separate it. Maybe possible in hand but difficult with pictures. Its value is about 25 to 50 cents. Because it being more generic, common and most collectors cannot narrow it to one company or time frame.
  3. The history I have on these is. Vitro owner Fisher was a engineer and liked to design new items. The different lamps with marbles, jewel trays, jewelry, etc. that included his Vitro marbles. He was single and eat almost every day at local restaurants. He never left cash as a tip for the waitress. Instead he left a item that he had made which had Vitro marbles. It started with him leaving jewelry with marbles in it. Then he designed the tray with marbles to hold the ladies jewelry. So they were named jewel trays. People in the restaurants used them for ash trays. They produce more for sales then they were sold and used as ash trays. When Fisher came into a restaurant the waitress's would flock to get him at their table, for the tip. Years ago I purchased some jewelry that a waitress had received from Fisher. Fisher designed and made 35 lamps with 7/8 marbles, in 1935. Vitro then had 35 employee's, he gave one of those lamps to each employee for Christmas in 1935. These lamps are a prized collectable in a serious Vitro collection. I know of about 13-14 being found so far. Because Fisher liked designing and making items for his marbles. Plant manager Blaine Lemon was fired because of this. Fisher like to come to the factory during the weekends to design and make items for his marbles. He would almost always leave the place in a mess after he was done. But he was the owner. Blaine Lemon was very particular about the housekeeping in the factory. Fisher had been there the weekend and left a big mess. Blaine Lemon complained loud to everyone, including Fisher, about the mess and complaining how much time and people is was going to require to clean things up. So Fisher fired Blaine Lemon and made Louie Moore plant manager. Louie was plant manager until Vitro at Parkersburg closed. Some of the info above came from employee's, a waitress, Blaine Lemon, and Louie Moore. Which all have passed on. But not forgotten. Blaine was a pleasure to sit with drinking coffee and talking his Vitro days. His favorite marble was the Parrott. He always had them in his bib overall pockets. Every time that I ever saw him he had his Parrott's. My questions for him now would be many more and more in depth than before.
  4. wvrons

    Id help

    More like $10.00-$20.00.
  5. wvrons

    3 MOre for ID

    Third is probably common MK.
  6. wvrons

    Slingshot ammo!?!?

    No hand mades. All machine made. Typical USA and Foreign cat eyes. Value about $2.00-$3.00 for all, on a good day.
  7. wvrons

    Id please

    The last one is Akro cork.
  8. wvrons

    Red and white-ish

    Steph got all three.
  9. wvrons


    Vitro Tri Lite
  10. wvrons

    Modern or vintage

    I agree newer MK on left and Vacor on right.
  11. wvrons

    Unknown help needed with ID please

    Maybe a clear base swirl with green and white or blue swirls. Pictures are to close and to large.
  12. wvrons


    Better pictures. Thanks Left - Alley from St.Marys site. Right - Vitro Tri Lite
  13. Correct, these are full of aventurine and soft glass.
  14. wvrons


    Vitro or Akro ? Pictures are a little to close and some out of focus.
  15. wvrons


    Maybe St.Marys Alley ? Maybe Jabo but looks beat up bad for Jabo. Pictures are a little close and not in focus. Cannot make out the pattern well with these pictures. We usually need close ups but they need in focus and true in hand colors.
  16. wvrons

    More oddballs

    Vitro Tri Lite.
  17. wvrons

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    I cannot rule Akro out totally. My marbles may look veneered but if you blow up pictures of the bubble pack. You can see that with some of these the white color can go well to the center of the marble. The others may just have more color near the surface that we cannot see what is inside. The white is just under the other colors on many. The most successful veneered marbles were opaque base. Veneered or not ??????? The colors on your marble is richer, more bold, thicker but if you spread or thin the colors on your marble, would they match mine ? I know most owners would rather it be Akro. Only one reason why. It is the same marble who ever made it. The company name should not affect it or sway identification. I cannot say 100% sure which company produced it. That is also what I would tell any potential buyer. It could fit in a Akro collection or maybe a Vitro collection. Someday more will show up and someday more info about this one will surface. I am sure there were more than this one made.
  18. wvrons

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    The seedy glass is not the norm for Vitro. But everyone had it sometime or another.
  19. wvrons

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    The cut lines on your marble look Vitro. But cut lines are not always accurate. The colors of mine are weak, probably either very early or late in the run. With colors just starting or at the end running thin or out. Even my group has a noticeable difference in color thickness and the amounts of clear showing.
  20. wvrons


    Some call the first one Jasper also Lined Crockery. The other two look stoneware.
  21. wvrons

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    I would upload more pictures but it will not allow me. Maybe later ?
  22. wvrons

    Cryptid Vitro or?

    I think you have a Vitro. I have some very close to this. They are from the late 1970's early 1980's. Nice detailed pictures. Mine are not that good. Your marble has more clear base than mine show. But the same color combination. Yours the top of the line of what I have.