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    No Clue

    I would lean to Jabo.
  2. #1 Marble King Rainbow #2 Peltier Rainbo #3 Vitro #4 Peltier Rainbo #5 Vitro Black Line All red #6 Peltier Rainbo Value is 25 cents to a $1.00 each. I would have difficultly selling them in a dollar each box at a marble show.
  3. Vacor for sure.
  4. wvrons


    Champion or Jabo.
  5. First one is tough, either Akor or Master. Second I agree with Master.
  6. wvrons


    Alley swirl for me. Common color combination for Alley Pennsboro and St.Marys sites. Cairo probably had this blue color but so did about every machine made marble maker. The swirl pattern is a little to busy and all over, for most Cairo Novelty marbles. Cairo did not have many blue base marbles, not the numbers of blue base like Alley. Alley probably used blue more than any other color. Some of these blue base and olive green/little white, will have the gold lutz or aventurine.
  7. The red and white looks like Jabo swirl. The white and orange also looks like a Jabo swirl. The clear, black(dark blue) and yellow is a foreign to the US cat eye. Value none worth a dollar. Machine made marbles come in all sizes from 1/8 or 3/16 inch to 1 1/4 inch.
  8. Due to the recent Covid-19 spike, the Madison Plaza Hotel will not allow us to hold our event. The Badger Marble show for Oct. 2021 has been canceled. Hope to see you next year. Stay Safe. Bill Bass Treasure Badger Marble Club
  9. I don't see any green in any of these pics. Just lots of fan shaped window reflections. Trouble even seeing the cut line.
  10. wvrons


    With most Jabo marbles that have the uv glow is because they were made with Fenton Art glass cullet. Fenton was nearby just south across the Ohio river from Jabo. Fenton made their own glass for over 100 years. They made different glass that had the uv glow. Jabo bought Fenton cullet since they began business until Fenton closed for good. Not every Jabo that glows will be from Fenton, but most will be. I worked at Fenton Art glass back in 1971.
  11. Not Heaton. My first choice would be Ravenswood for both. But these transparent base and one color swirls can be very difficult and many cannot be separated by companies. The only sure way is to have 100% known examples in hand to compare side by side. This a a big reason that these have very little value with collectors. Separating these comes down to exact colors and the swirl pattern. With pictures if the color is not exact as the marble looks in hand then the id may be wrong ? Plus patterns can be a give away. Some have the swirl pattern only on half or one side of the marble. Some have a C or S shape swirl. With some the swirl will dive more inside and some stay more on the surface. I probably cannot teach you separate transparent and one color swirls accurately in a year. It takes lots of time effort and known examples. This can also apply to many opaque base and one color WV swirls. But as many that are difficult to separate, there are as many that can be learned to separate with less difficulty.
  12. Champion swirls. All 100% Champions made in the mid to late 1980"s. Made while Dave McCullough was plant manager.
  13. I agree with the id's. Yes the crack or break is a fracture and will kill the price of most marbles. Some happen during manufacturing and some happen after or years after. Some are called annealing fractures. Some marbles with these small short annealing fractures are more forgiven with value. Because with certain marbles the majority may have annealing fracture or fractures in them. Hot glass marbles need to cool slow and steady and for 12-24 hours. The annealing fractures happen because the hot glass cooled to fast, or a to fast of a change in temperature. All glass is not the same. Some glass with mixed in with another type glass will fracture when heated. There can be different coefficient with glass and if to wide or far apart, the glass will fracture. A marble can be fractured by impact or dropping. A marble can have a trapped gas pocket and fracture even many years later. Machine made marbles fifty years old or more have fractured and blew apart on display shelves or display cases. A mint Peltier golden rebel worth $500.00, the same marble with a 1/4 inch long fracture will drop to worth $50.00 . So many marbles worth $10.00 but with a fracture drops to $1.00 or almost nothing. Certain marbles like Champion furnace scraping marbles many or the majority have fractures. Collectors are more forgiving with the value of these when they have fractures.
  14. #1 Peltier #2 Vitro #3 MFC or Akro or CAC slag ???
  15. Old and new marbles can glow under uv light. You can get different colors of uv glow depending on what is making the glow. Sometimes the marble makers or companies did this on purpose or planned and more times it was not planned. If the scrap or cullet glass used in making the marbles glowed, then the marbles will glow.
  16. Nice Al ! This is what got me collecting soda pop bottles. Like you, I collected the bottle hangers with marbles. Then started getting the bottles that matched the hangers. Then it just kept going. Not collecting any more now unless full and I am out of room for the full ones. It was just vintage soda bottles and then it was vintage full soda pop bottles. Then it was vintage full soda pop bottles in original cartons, wood, metal, and cardboard six packs.
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