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    Vitro All Red. One of the most common Vitro marbles produced. Produced for about forty years. Each one is opaque white base always with one red patch and another patch of a color other than red.
  2. Not 1950-60's. All newer marbles. A fantasy bag, there are hundreds of different ones out there. I doubt that the bag was cellophane. Original packaged marbles in old cellophane bags are rare. Most of them are stiff and brittle and break like thin glass. Plus Coke never packaged any marbles in a bottle hanger cellophane bag. Most of the Coke bagged marbles are not original. One key for original plastic bagged marbles, is the heat sealed seam down the center on the back side of the bag. If the plastic bag does not have this seam, be cautious. It is easy to make rust on the staples.
  3. left to right Peltier Rainbo Vitro Tiger Eye Peltier Rainbo ?? Vitro Conqueror
  4. I saw more oxblood than ever before at Heaton. We also discovered that Heaton had a few clear base and green/white swirls that contain aventurine.
  5. Heaton marbles. A few recent dug ones, just hosed off, no final cleaning. Several hours of cleaning ahead for everyone there.
  6. The Heaton Agate marble factory in Cairo WV has a new owner. The vintage marble factory building has been demolished completely. The new owner allowed some of the past marbles to be saved for the future . On June 1, 2019 sixteen diggers from five different states were allowed to dig from daylight until dark. At daylight the tools and buckets came out of the vehicles. Then the groundhogs began digging their holes. Some stayed until noon and 1pm, some stayed for 14 hours straight. Everyone left with marbles. I did see four or five Heaton marbles which I had not seen before. We found marbles from several different companies. Master, Vitro, Ravenswood, Akro and Marble King. But 98% or more were Heaton swirls, cat eyes and Bogard cat eyes. Many Thanks to the new owner for allowing this to happen. Lots of sweat, sore backs and knees. But a great day for all.
  7. You are not going to see one of those Orange - Crush box sets in many collections. Also nice rubber stamp.
  8. Cairo or Champion, not 100% sure which.
  9. Top left is Alley swirl from the St.Marys WV location. Top right is Vitro Agate from Parkersburg WV. Might be a Vitro Opal if backlit ? Bottom one looks like possible misshapen WV swirl. Cannot see enough to determine which maker.
  10. The two swirls are Alley Agate.
  11. For me MK-Akro-Akro.
  12. The coral is Alley Agate. The white base and red does not have enough action or traits to narrow it down to one company. Could be Cairo, Heaton, Champion or Alley . Good chance of Cairo Novelty or Heaton Agate.
  13. 1940- early 1950's. Old does not make them valuable
  14. Both are machine made marbles. The 9 pattern Is usually referred to with hand gathered handmade marbles. Most from 1840's to 1920, early 1900's.
  15. The first and third marbles have wear and damage. The last three are Vitro. There are different style or types of machine made marble patterns. Patches, swirls, ribbons, corkscrews, etc. Some companies made only one type with many different color combinations. Some companies made more than one type. The brushed on term is associated more with Master Marble Co. and Vitro Agate Co. But other companies also made what is called a brush patch. Brushed patch usually refers to a patch type marble where the color looks brush painted on.
  16. No oxblood. Transparent green and coral. Opaque white base and red swirl.
  17. No collector value at all and most kids will not want them because they are to out of round. Look fine in a flower pot, flower bed or aquarium. Use as decoration or toss them.
  18. wvrons


    I cannot see the true colors well. I can only see one cut line to help with id.
  19. Champion New Ole Fashions. Not Old Fashioned. Ravenswood packaged marbles labeled Old Fashioned Marbles. Dave McCullough plant manager at Champion Agate 1980's decided to make some swirls similar to old vintage Ravenswood's. So Champion named those New Ole Fashions. Notice the spelling. Different marbles, different names.
  20. I think they are Akro.
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