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Totally Gratuitous Plug!

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O.K. I enter the crass commercial world of marble sales on the net. By golly this is the very first time I have made the effort in a concerted fashion. Anyway, Felicia sort of provided me with motivation over at Marble Mental plus I'd have to say the general lack of activity there as well so I've Posted eight(8) items in the Horse Tradin' Forum. Joe Bob says, "Check 'em out!" David

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There are no pictures. I haven't even progressed to that stage in my computer 'expertise' (Ha!). I did mention that if you would like me to send you a photograph I will mail one USPS. In due course I will get it together to post pics online. My HP Color LaserJet 4 in 1 has been in and out of the shop since January 2009 and they have finally declared it a lemon but are trying to give me a new one without a full Warranty Contract. Like, what's up with that! Also as stated and in all cases Full Return Privilege if not completely satisfied. David

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