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Jabo Sells For 76$ At Local Auction

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When i was at the auction yesterday plotting on those jars i picked up, they had some HandMades with a few Akros and a Jabo with them in the case. They started off the 5 or 6 baggys of Marbles with Choice of, the first Choice of bid went up to 76$, and yep you guessed it, the first one picked was the Jabo.

The Jabo was marked on the baggy, Jabo, Aventurine, Oxblood. The gentleman who bought it had me kind of worried that i would get bid up on the jars i was after, well he continued to bid on all of the handmades and won them all. After winning my jars and wiping the sweat off my forehead i casually walked over to the gentleman and introduced myself as i had never seen him around before and i like meeting marble folk. he said he only collects Handmades ????? well i wonder if he actually knows that Jabo was not a handmade or did he know ???

My only thought is he could have thought it was because of all the other Handmades it was with in the case or he really liked it, sad part was it had no Oxblood in it.

Just go's to show that collectors are buying what they like no matter if it's Jabo or not, if it strikes there fancy there gonna spend what ever they want to get it....

Pics of the mibs in the case.


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