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Photo Editing Tutorial


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To start with, go to the Gallery then open the album that contains the photo you want to edit (I am going to use my album as the example)...

Left click on the photo you want to edit. When you do that, your photo will open in another window... On the right side upper portion of that window, under "Image Details" you want to left click on "Mod Options"...


Once you've done that, a small menu will drop down... You want to left click on "Edit Image"... This will allow you to change or add a "Caption" and/or "Discription"... If you want to totally remove the post along with the photo, in that small menu left click on "Delete Image"...


Now that you've clicked on "Edit Image" another window opened up... Under "Edit Image" you will see the "Caption" box... If there is something in the box you want to get rid of, left click at the end of whatever is typed in that box then "Backspace" and that will remove it... Time now to add a new caption... Follow the same procedure with the description... When you have finished both caption and discription, go to the bottom of the page and left click on the "Edit Image" box... You should be done now...


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