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well I think I sold the last marble over there just can not see what see why it did not take off as I know every one has marbles for sale . It seams like I am the only one to list there for some reason , hope it get renewed , what is the cost Craig ? all the hard work is done maybe the boards should take over but wait no one even used the sight . O well . Mike \\

Domain Name Expires 15-OCT-09


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Hi all no it is not down , this morning my link did not work but now it is there and in fact I had to edit one of my auctions (Mike Petura, not Pentra... ) thanks for some help !! I sold one marble last night but over all I have sold a lot, some were sold after bidders ask if I had others for sale . so far nothing but good results . Mike

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When I first registered a domain name it was mibbay.com. Not wanting any legal issues, I also registered mibauctions.com and changed the name. The first name has expired, mibauctions goes until November 15th or so.

The only way I think the site may be of use is if I just turn it into a non-auction site and have it be stores only. This way people can just browse stores and not have to worry about auctions. Everything would me fixed price or offers only. Most people just want to browse at there leisure and buy fixed price items on non-eBay websites it seems.


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