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Catseye Vs Ribbon Core


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A ribbon core is a handmade marble. A cat's eye is machine made.

Here is a thread with many examples of cat's eyes in it: Japanese Cat's Eye? USA cat's eye?

I did a quick search for some ribbon cores to try to help you out with that. I didn't find many pix, and I can totally see how you might think a ribbon core such as this one shown at Joemarbles.com looks like a cat's eye.

I'm actually quite insecure about identifying any handmades. I'd like to see more examples myself. I think I'll start a thread in the main area to invite pix of ribbon cores for you. smile.gif

Show Us Your Ribbon Cores

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Got some nice feedback on the Ribbon Cores. Hope that gives you something to work with. A picture is worth a 1000 words in cases like this.

If you still have questions, I'd love to try to answer.

And of course we could probably settle your questions directly with pix of your mibs if that's possible. smile.gif

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