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Estimates Of Value?

Tim Johnson

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I have been making these marbles for about a year. They are made with soft glass (104), and on average range in size from 11/16th - 7/8th of an inch. Digital kiln. I have many more. The photos below are not the best. People always ask me if I sell them and up to now I haven't. If I wanted to sell some, what are your suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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It's a little tough to get started in selling contemporary marbles, until your name gets "out there."

There are a lot of collectors that keep a close eye on ebay. It might be interesting to put a few up and see what they do. If it's economically feasible, try starting them at $9.99 (Listing fee goes up at $10.00)

If you should decide to try it, be sure to post a link and let us know... One thing that is very important is roundness... It may be the photo, but a few of those look a little out of round?

A great site to stop in and chat with both artists and contemporary marble collectors is...

Glass Addiction!!

Good Luck!! They look great!!

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These would wholesale at any show for about $5 apiece.Several years ago I bought Jerry Park marbles (40) for $200.I get an average of double for them,and they are really good marbles.I would put two or three of them up for one cent and see where they go.And while name may be important to some extent,the colors are what sell as well as design.So if you have good round marbles you WILL do good I believe as the market has grown so much over the last twenty years due to collectors who buy them.You should also try to set up an online store so people who don't use fee-bay can buy from you also(that will add alot to your sales).Good luck and I hope I wind up with some of yours.If you do this for any extended period I'm sure I will.....Steve

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