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Vintage Tic Tac Toe And Multigame

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buy what you want and what you can afford...never buy something cause somebody told ya to or you didnt paticurally like it..id pay $5 to watch a monkey blow up a football...especially if it had anything to do with marbles...i think thats how that phrase goes...lolololol...at least he dont want 20$ for the lot....i say go for it!!people dont usually buy those games for the marbles but for display...so condition of the boxes is key and if the marbles are there...those tic tac toe games sometimes hold some interesting marbles...everybody oughta own at least one of those tic-tac-toe games...the ones marked berea are purty nice...i got several and i use em as decoration on a beam here here at the house....i prob got 50 board games but they are mostly stored away....

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