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The show was a great success despite the weather conditions. The Hotel was perfect for a marble show, the hotel staff was the nicest group I have encountered while attending a show, the rooms were nice and clean with fridge, microwave and flat screens in every room. The hotel restaurant had good food, but if you wanted to eat at any of the dozens of great restaurants in the area, the hotel porters would drive you there and pick you up when you were ready, and they also would pick up and drop off at the Akron/Canton airport! And beyond that, I noticed the porters helping many people load and unload their vehicles! There was a nice lounge in the hotel for after hours fun, with live entertainment. Everyone who wanted, were located on the first floor, the hotel gave us the entire floor and there were no outsiders staying on our floor. There were probably 70 to 80 rooms booked total, I don't know the exact count.

The banquet room was very nice, well lit, carpeted, had a sandwich bar for lunch and was completely set up for us.

I don't know what else to say, except, I am going to write a Thank You to management for doing such a great job, and would encourage anyone else to do the same. This was the perfect hotel for a show, and we would like to keep it there if they will have us. Brian and I are working on trying to get this hotel for our summer show in August. The only date they have available is the 21st and I am checking to see if that would be a conflict with any other marble shows, so let me know if you know of a show in that same time frame.

If we can get this hotel in August, it could very easily be the largest attended show in history!

I'll keep everyone updated. Smitty

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sounds like a good spot. The place you had the show last august was ok. really nice area of town. The hotel was almost too big and dark hallways. I still think it was a good spot though. I really liked the area of town, i could live there..

sounds like this new place is a winner with good food, a bar and an outdoor pool for the summer heat.

Maybe some of these smaller shows will close up shop so we can concentrate on just a few mega shows throughout the year.

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