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Htf Cat's Eyes

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I don't think so. I can see where you might want to identify them as Sparklers(foreign) but they have too much the characteristics of multi-vaned cat's-eyes. Some similarities to the Bogard cat's-eyes we talked about last week that got me to calling Marlow Peterson about. That's the Bogard cat's-eyes that had previously been identified as English Caged Fat Cores. You for comparison can go to my CAT'S-EYE SERIES at Marble Mental and check out the two 9/16" approx. cat's-eyes by Vacopr to see the similarities but you're going to have to wade your way through the 87 photos to find the right one. A good learning experience!!! David P.S. I'd go over there and find it myself but as you all know I'm banned.

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