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Jabo Jinks Run Question

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What is the scoop on this run as it pertains to the use of lutz and or metallics in the glass? Was lutz rod pushed? or used through a crucible? Also, where there any other uses of metallics during this run, perticularly gold and shiny, but it appears on the surface much broader than a hairline lutz typical of some runs, and it's not like regular lutz. Not alike because it's much more metallic, than crystal like. Anyone have the scoop on this one? Thanks in advance!

P.S. Favorite from this run by far is the crazy cyclones! I just love looking into the mibs!

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He brought a box full of his marbles to the Tribute Friendship run and allowed some of us to pick some out that we liked. Out of the handful I got, three of them have lutz. Two in the same tone and pattern that most Jabo lutz marbles show. But one has something different. It appears on the surface and it's more metallic than the lutz stone I have seen them use since. It is almost like a piece of a golden ring on the marble, has the same shine, color and look of metallic gold. Now I'm wondering if this was something else that was added to try because the lutz was burning up, or just an accidental occurrence that looks great!

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