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"art Glass" Beads And Pendants...


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Ever since I've gotten involved in collecting contemporary marbles, I've also taken an interest in the other things these artists produce...

The question of "Who is making the new gear shift knobs?" and Penelope's posting of the "Marbles from a 150 year old house" auction, motivated me to post this... (Though, I don't know if the knobs are imported...)

It's a tough gig making a living as a glass artist... And now, in the past few years that artist-made beads, pendants.... and marbles have become very popular and expensive, the inevitable has happened... There's a HUGE wave of import beads, pendants and marbles (amongst all sorts of other items) flowing into our country from the "Orient." 'Sold as "Handmade" (Yeah, they are... By the millions!!) and designed to look very creative and "Artsy..." They are making a total MOCKERY of the glass artists that have worked so hard to create the designs that have made the style popular. And, they undermine the artists ability to continue...

On the one hand... Why pay a lot of money for something you can get as easily for a couple of bucks??

I guess it's all about quality, creativity and supporting artists whose ideas are being ripped off, mutilated and marketed as "cheap."

Sooooo, if you have an interest in art glass items and wish to support independent glass artists, always ask, or check where an item is made before buying it...

This last Christmas season, I saw several venders in malls and at craft shows selling these styles of pendants.....

It became a "sport" to walk up and ask them "Where are these made??"

Immediately, you can see the "Mental Gears" slip into overdrive!!! I received many interesting answers...

But, not ONE simple, honest answer, "China."

The catch-22.... At a gathering of high school friends, celebrating a birthday, one of my friends gave another one of these pendants... As I almost chewed my lower lip off keeping quiet, it occurred to me.... She IS an artist (graphic) herself and certainly cannot afford to buy expensive glass!!!

Though, honestly..... I think there are artists out there offering really nice work for very reasonable amounts of money...

This sort of work is their "Bread & Butter" product, that allows them to do what they do.

So, before dropping $5.00 on a cheap import, check out what's available from an independent artist!!!

OK.... Excuse me while I step off this soap box and get some work done!!! ROFL


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