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Who the hell decides just when a thread gets archived? Added a post to stone Bennington china, not only did it not go to the top, does not even acknowledge that i posted! Wanted to add a post to a thread i posted "show me your first glass marbles mass produced......gone..... was on the 2nd page now archived.......Steph???? These threads are all complete for you, if i wanted to add does not matter? You are of course the only one that counts around here, right? WTF?????

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Not sure what you mean about the Bennington thread not going to the top. Did you post in it before or after I'd archived it? In any case, I have moved it back to the main area now.

About the rest, I got a little gung ho tonight. I hadn't archived in awhile, so I just dove right in. Started too close to the front.

In future, I'll also wait for a thread to be at least a month old before I move it over to the archives.

Also, I'll gladly take suggestions on what to archive.

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