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Had A Lill Storm Since Last We Spoke

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Past Sept. we went to bed on Sun. What a rain storm, woke up tp this.

cnn pics

click on deadly diluge in Georgia


Douglas County had almost 200 rds closed, 25% washed out at bridges, major bridges destroyed -9 months to replace on the qiuck pace.

I-20 closed for 10 mile strech for 4 days at least 7 hrs to detour, all traffic diverted into Douglas County(bad move) remember the 200 closed rds.

Cluster*u#K does not begin to describe the next week, nor does damnitman. The area is mostly rolling and foothills so the actual flooding was somewhat contained but the runoff was so fierce, as it rose and crossed roads the waterfall effect cut off the opposite bank and next the road. Traffic was at a lockdown like no other I have seen and this is Atlanta we have some traffic problems, it was impractical to leave the house.

West Metro 500,000+- could not get to work for three days or better. No exaggeration Dog River(shes a beaut)30' above the banks she aint no slow meandering girl either so with an extra 30' high x 200' wide damnitman she was tearing it up.

It was a remarkable event and even topped the april 93 blizzard of 12+" - yea I said Blizzard.



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Finally looking at the vids. Have to rewire my computer everytime I wanna do that.

I don't read so good sometimes. Thought you were gonna be talking about the blizzards of this year.

Those were crazy. I'm in Wisconsin. We were fine. But I had to worry about my family in Texas.

Looking at the vids now. hey that first one's not a vid, it's a slide show. that's a lotta wotta .....

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That last link - the sappy video. if you slide the slider about to the middle some cool AJC pics come up.

Most of the 12" in 12 hrs actually came down in 4 hrs. Only a couple of rivers ever come out of the banks here, to downhill to fast, the waterways are mostly cut through hills. They all came out, very small area on a couple of creeks(bottoms) are known to flood the rest never, well apparently not never, every "500" yrs +- "500" yrs

The winter of 2010, the blizzards. My God, there are some tuff as folks north of the Mason/Dixon thats all I know. Couldnt do it, wouldnt do it. Melt my ass in humidity but dont drop that temp under 25 or I'm leaving.


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