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Ravenswood From The Bags

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Hi these are variations from opened bags ,i have a few different ones but they are still in bags .With the others in unopened bags the one i still do not have is the red ,white and blue .I have some champs that are similar r,w b but i need a Ravenswood ,will post in buy sell trade as well .What other variations am i missing ?(I have 2 different browns and a orange rust color in bags ) Thanks Rick :)


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If you see any you would like individual pics of let me know !

Do ya have to ask? !! :music-rocker-001:

Don't mean you should exhaust yourself. Even small group pix would be cool. Close-ups or semi-close-ups of Ravenswoods with provenance - always welcome! :wub:

Even the common ones. Those don't get much air time and we don't often realize how many companies made a basic type.

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OOOOOOOOOO Pretty! They sure had some deep, intense colors!

I'm wondering if they were the only ones with that blue-grey coloring...hmmm

That first one looks like black cocoa...very yummy looking!

Thanx for the pics Rick!

:-) Felicia

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Yep it is Felicia ,you are quite welcome ! You are the collector who likes purple right ? I got a couple purple cats yesterday i will have to post .Looks like i need to downsize these pics ,will finish this bag then gotta go for a while ,grandaughter is here !


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