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New Camera:)

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Thanks y'all. I have so much to learn...those little guys seem to want to wiggle and giggle as I snap (try) their photo's. I think they are camera shy:) Please, keep posting any and all suggestions, I will listen and apply each suggestion, I promise. It can only get better from here:) So many marbles...so little time!


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mite have the camera a lill close to target, maybe back jus a bit then crop.

always crop before resizing.


a distance of 6 to 8 inches from target works best on mine.

Oh lord...I figured out the cropping but the resizing is over my head right now. If you can explain how to do it in a way that a 5 year old can understand I'd appreciate greatly:)

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In ur shot the camera was better focused on the stand than the marble.

Diff. cameras, diff features. Luckily mine has indicator lights in the viewfinder that tells me what it is focusing on.

(I) can not but I mite can for what it is.

The "Resizing" happens automatic in a lot of programs.

Basically its the amount of mega pixels. in a pic. Dont worry about that(DWBT), ya dont have to know what that means, if ya do ur ahead.

the width x(&) the hieght of a picture.

the better the camera the bigger the numbers or choice of (good better best)/ (small medium large) programs in most cameras.

small or good smaller numbers - large or best Big numbers.

I use medium and Crop.

Big numbers dont move well electronically thus the need for resizing.

the bigger the numbers the better the quality, resizing to a smaller number reduces quality.(DWBT)either, remember in programs its automatic the quality has already been reduced in the pictures u view, wher you dun it or the puter.

The pics u view that are to big, to big a number, to small, to small a number.

So resizing is throw away(quality) I kinda WBT - thus the need to always crop first(if possible) - reducing the numbers by throwing away, in this case non marble/unimportant items.

On important pictures Croping may not be a option(no unwanted items). and resizing is the only way to reduce the numbers.

the numbers then we done

width x height

most pics. are rectangles and Width is bigger than Height

for me I resize by percentage untill my Hieght is under 500, if width is under 700 Im usually done.

(resizing by percentage is best especially for the (new) it reduces both numbers proportionally at the same time.)

If second number is still higher than 650/700 I reduce further.

examples of #"S that work well for me

537 x 485,....500 x 500.....431 x 615, those exact numbers DWBT, exact aint portant here jus the reduction to smaller well under 700 numbers.

I do it to control throw away and size, the automatics(programs) have no problem with my "smaller" numbers and dont aDjus my pictures, I dun it.

How to do this in ur program,I cant get u thar in bunches of missteps. but its probably 3 maybe 4 steps and is simple, once it aint hard.lol

oops my bad 5yrs, I was thinking 5th grade.

No I cant help you with that.



Important pictures, ALWAYS work on COPIES for me not so much with marble pics.

I jus use windows.

From the picture

I click OPEN (top tool bar right side)

microsoft picture manager

click Picture (top tool bar)

choose resize (click)

on the right side

choose percentage reduction

and away I go.

If not microsoft still gonna be similar choices.

Resizing is for moving electronically.

U should never resize important pictures stored on computer. If they dont need to move dont throw away Quality(unless storage capacity is needed, mega/pixels take up lots of storage space), if it aint a copie u dont get it back.

Have trouble loading pics to the board or your Host or by e-mail, reaaaaaaal slow. To big, the host program is resizing.

When sent the right size.

Zippity Split

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