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Pics Of My Purchase.

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Well posting pics that I spent 40 on. Can't find calipers, what happens when you have little boys who get into everything so using ruler.

Pictures 1-4: Onionskin about 1.4in. Solid core swirl and divided core swirl about exactly 1 inch. Onionskin has numerous flea bites and smaller craters but not as bad as I thought it would be. Other two have small flea bites and a couple smaller craters.

Pictures 5-7(all the same mibs just different poses): Just some mibs and will probably take closer photos for ids on a couple of them. Except for the purple swirl all close to 3/4".

Pictures 8-9(all the same mibs): Bunch of Clay ones.

Pic 10: Wooden one, and group of newer and I think values of no significance.

I like to collect Handmades. I have long way to go to get to the knowledge of most of you mib experts that have been collecting a very long time. If there is something of importance or a real cool mib, point it out. Howie is excited and is proud of our first onionskin.

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nice grab, check the solid blues for a 9 pattern your in the right time frame for a persian turquois,,if you want the handmades fixed up get a hold of leroy, he is the master of mib repare,, bj

Thanks and I'll look at those later and get back with what I see, editing just checked and didn't see a 9 design, solid blue. None of these need polishing, I've seen some before photos of mibs that had been redone and they needed it badly but these aren't that bad. Leroy does great work tho, i've seen the photos here and word of mouth on various forums.

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