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2010 Amana Marble Meet

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My visit to Amana was short due to my daughter’s graduation. Did manage to visit 37 rooms as I room hopped from Thursday afternoon until noon on Friday. Times have changed: neither dogs, smoking nor gas tanks are allowed in the motel rooms! Gasoline prices, other shows and the Internet also have cut into attendance, but still - it was a good show.

Photographs usually show hefty people sitting at tables surround by colored dots - so - I left them out. The regulars were there - mentioning a few: Umi Ward (as delightful as ever), Elliot Pincus (a wealth of knowledge taken with a grain of salt), Tom Rudolph (with his beautiful 1 7/16” red maglight Indian Swirl), Don DeVibilis (looking very intense) and Wayne Sanders (nice marbles, 90+ years and still drives in from Jefferson City). Sorry, were others - know their faces (like guy with the Salvador Dali mustache) but their names have faded from my old memory. Dan Morphy was there after a 22 year hiatus. Missing from the halls were LLoyd Huffer, Don Taylor (Captain Marble) and Bert Cohen to name a few salty characters. Did think that I saw the ghost of Carmello Trippodi wandering the halls carrying a beautiful multicolored chunk of Peltier slag.

Many rooms had excellent displays - some with labels. People were more than anxious to share their knowledge. That, was a real learning treat! There were all sorts of NFS rare - unusual marbles and boxes on display.

Prices for less than mint marbles seemed soft - especially Lutz and vintage American machine mades. Quarts of unpurchased Jabos were scattered around the motel. As always - mint, larger marbles commanded a premium and did seem to be selling.

The lessons for the day:

a) It is a wise collector who .keeps up with the trends and information

available in the marble world - read books, join clubs and attend shows.

B) Always, buy quality marbles not quantity. Thus, no excuses ...

c) Armed with knowledge - ask questions and temper the answers you get with a gut feeling before you open your check book.

You will be OK, usually ...

No Braid

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It has been sooooo long since I have posted on any of the boards, I almost forgot how to do it and not too sure I'm correct now.

Just wanted to thank you for the report. I have been hopeing someone would do this. This is the second time we have missed this show since 1989. Really hated not being there but appreciate the report. Mary M --mm--

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Your description, "hefty people sitting at tables surround by colored dots," made me laugh out loud. Last summer, I attended my first marble show in Tacoma, WA. I brought along my two teenage sons, trying to interest them in the hobby, etc. My sons gazed around the room and commented on the "hefty", older, mostly balding guys sitting at tables around the room, then looked at me and said, "Dad, you've found your place--you fit right in."

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