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  1. Two variations on that dream: 1) The garage sale where I notice a couple of old mibs on the top of a box under a table, then discover the box (about the size of an Ice chest, and getting bigger all the time) is full of old marbles and they only want $10 for the whole thing.... 2) Notice a marble or two in the dirt and when I start to dig, there are hundreds.... At least I wake up with a good feeling.!
  2. "What % have gone to children to be played with? Where is the farthest from the US that these marbles have been shipped?" Speaking for myself only, I pass Jabos out to kids (and adults) I see in my psychology practice, and many of the kids my wife sees knock on my door after their sessions to ask me for a marble. I've seen them roll them down the stairs as they leave the building. Also, my office is in a medium sized building, & I put marbles on the tables in the lobby as a kind of "catch and release" program. Some days I have to replenish them several times. I've sent small bags of them (20 or so) to friends in Korea and Japan. And I bagged up most of a case of them as party favors for my daughter's wedding a year ago. My wife still complains about the boxes in the garage (& family room, & living room, & bedroom).
  3. Can anyone explain what a Stutsman's Marbles Sample Set is? I get that they must be champions, but what the heck is a Stutsman?
  4. those of us bereft of this particular mib may have "spotted dick" envy. . .
  5. I've heard some people say they use Riker cases. What size works best?
  6. I began collecting marbles only a couple of years ago, but they seem to be stacking up awfully fast! I keep many of them in little plastic bags in storage tubs, but thats not very satisfying. So I began using those little, hard-plastic trays with lids that hold 25. Now those are stacking up also, & they cost about $3 each. You guys are the experts--what do you do for storage and display? (My wife is starting to complain!)
  7. I got one too, but I'm not in the West Virginia Marble Club. Must be someone made the list from a variety of sources?
  8. Great pics, great marbles, looked like lots of fun! thanks for sharing.
  9. Couldn't see your pics, not being a facebook member.
  10. Just thinking--when I was a kid, I always carried my marbles to school in a bag my mom made out of a scrap of cloth. Talk about authentic, I could probably get her to make you one for about $20!
  11. Seems like a kneepad would come in handy if you were on the ground playing a game of marbles!
  12. I only met Edna and Weldon last November during a Jabo run, but I feel truly saddened by Weldon's death. He was quite a gentle spirit and the world is lessened by his passing.
  13. Great looking pics! Any opinions as to which of the solid colors are more or less common?
  14. Particularly like that first mib on the left!
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