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  1. Here is other side and pontil. This monster is 2 3/8".
  2. Do you ever have those dreams where the mibs are unbelievably giant sized, and you're in hog heaven? These are carpet balls in reality, but I thought the color combination was noteworthy. Enjoy!
  3. Sad news. May he rest in peace. That is so thoughtful of you Edna. We are all blessed to have you here.
  4. OMG the casting flaws alone are enough to make you laugh. Both are repros imo. The originals have much more detail especially in the kid's faces. This is really getting out of hand. Pretty soon nobody is gonna trust anyone selling ANYTHING marble related at ebay! Between all the unsigned art glass and the do-it-yourself modern Bennington crap, I think we have a challenge ahead of us if we place value on our own collections. Here is what the detail should look like, for all of you who can't tell the difference.
  5. Looks like Block is calling this an emu. Thanks Ann! Here ya go Mr. De Sousa.
  6. Hello there, I'm seeing a dodo bird not ostrich. The plumes look correct but the neck is too fat. That is one extinct egg! I mean marble. Nice catch.
  7. Jeepers! Those are really busy. The aventurine is always a favorite, but both are gorgeous.
  8. Hello, can anyone else see the opaque white base thru the transparent blue? I am also seeing the grey. I thought Spidermen were on an opaque baby blue base.
  9. Miller Gray coat? At 5/8 my guess. Rare mib!
  10. I see how it might be inspired by the eye of Provenance.
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