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  1. " Looks like a cobra/bird combo! ( :" I saw that too
  2. If ya want the truth about the exotics, ask the main man over at the Illuminati
  3. great pic and kewl colors Winnie..thanx for sharing
  4. "Cat caves are important business." <---Exactly...lol
  5. wow, I hadnt thought of those cullet marbles in the last pic for a long time. Im the reason Santa has a naughty list
  6. mintster, yer cat is not alone see post #32 in this thread
  7. Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks to all for sharing the great Christmas marble pics. I hope you all get more marbles than you deserve.
  8. Same thing happened to me Jill. DANG YER HIDE ZABOO...you should post some kinda warning or something in the subject line...lol AWESOMETACULAR
  9. It looks like you had things turning about 250 RPMs when those marbles were made U dun gud
  10. Creve Coeur ?.. care to share with the rest of the class?
  11. although I had a idea... had to run that one through babble fish..lol
  12. here ya go. I thought Fiesta too, but the ones I've seen have had more clear and thinner color/ribbons.
  13. dunno for sure Steph. It was traveling with the other 5 but it looked different. I'll try to get a side by side shot of it and one (or some) of the others.
  14. Does vacor still make these? Are they considered catseyes?
  15. a couple a three catseyes encased in clear would be kewl. It wouldnt really matter if the outer clear part of the catseye distorted.. would it?
  16. Alrighty then. I think I understand it now <----(you might want to write that on yer calendar) You explained it well Rich, thanks. I cant speak for others but for the most part , collectors use the term ’ blend’ or ‘blended’ so basically they’re right…even if they do or don’t count blends as a color…and that’s a whole nuther ball of wax…lol I appreciate the offer of the marbles, but instead ( if you make em) could you give em to a newbie or a kid at the next show you attend? Just to pass around the fun of marbles to the newcomers. Up next----does white count as a color?
  17. Here's a old Akro (dug) where the blue and yellow blend/mix/amalgamate/incorporate/whateveryawannacallit into a line of green I remember reading over at GA good awhile back..in the Black & White Marble Contest, a glass worker was making a marble for the contest and had problems with the black and white mixing and forming a gray streak/line..or something like that...so there ya go.
  18. There are 3 things in life you don’t want..Rogue sows, fence pushin’ cows , and internet trolls. After reading this I have now experienced all three. I shot the sow, sold the cow, and lord help us, it looks like the troll has boardicided….w00t Life is gud. here's a marble..
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