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Champion Bag With 'penniboro'

Speed Racer

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Just wanted to share this fantasy Champion bag since it has city of Pennsboro mispelled . It reads Penniboro on one side of the label by mistake and pennsboro on the other side. Anyone seen this before?

Did they do this on purpose for some reason, I have to wonder?


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Good eye! I have two bags like that - one has the larger shooter size and one has 4 regular size marbles. Since a lot of these filled bags were supposedly from real headers/labels and polybags from Champion, maybe the printer actually did screw up and Champion never used these headers in the real production but still had them there when the remaining stock and supplies were sold at auction. I've only seen that type on those 4 count marble bags. That style label shows up on a lot of Champion bags, including filled ones, without the typo.

By the way, Vitro had a typo on one of their regular productions run labels. Here's a picture of a 70 count All Reds bag with 'Prand' instead of 'Brand'. I've seen several of these - all on the 70 count All Reds.


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