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Sistersville Press Release


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Once a year, Sistersville will play host to a three-day extravaganza dedicated to the history of glass toys.

The 11th annual Sistersville Marble Festival will be held in Sistersville Sept. 24-26.

Marblers from far and wide will gather in the streets to buy, sell, and trade the glass toys, watch marbles being made, participate in marble tournaments, attend a marble auction, take a cruise down the river, and play Bingo courtesy of the Lions Club.

Food vendors will also be on-hand to add to the enjoyment.

The event celebrates the history of 'marble mania' that swept the country in the early- to mid-1900s. One interesting fact is that most of the marbles enjoyed by children were made in this area.

At one time, there were over 25 marble factories within a 60-mile radius of Sistersville. Today, only two remain-Jabo Vitro Marble Factory located 25 miles south of Sistersville in Lower Newport and Marble King located four miles north of Sistersville in Paden City.

Beautiful marbles will be made live during the festival and a large marble furnace will be placed on Charles Street, allowing world famous contemporary marble artists to display their talents. A silent auction will take place on Friday and Saturday at 6 p.m.

Michael Parsons and Friends will perform live music on Saturday during the festival.

Visitors may also inquire about limited edition 2010 Marble Festival marbles. This year's marble will feature the Sistersville Post Office.

Admission to the festival is free.

For more information about free vendor setup for selling marbles, other collectibles or baked items, or to be added to the Marble Festival mailing list, contact Jim King at 304-652-4030.

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Just a friendly reminder too, please stop by the Senior Centers table to purchase your Marble Festival Mug. :music-rocker-001: The senior center truly needs funding to help them enjoy their prime of life. The mugs are donated to them from a fellow marble collector that has a community spirit :character-smileys-238: You can do so much for a few bucks and you get a great mug that captures the marble festival. The seniors sell the mugs at the festival, you may be able to contact Jim Kng to reserve your mug or to get one if your not planning on making it to the show. Remember, it's really to help the aging in a small town that let's us enjoy our hobby for three days in their streets.

Also, if your traveling the country and need a drinking container, I feel it fair to let you know that the companies that make this possible for the senior center is Whirley Drinkworks! and Kim's Custom Works. Please support them too. Always look at the bottom of the mug for the Whirley logo. Kim's custom Works is a local upholstery business in northwestern Pa. A big THANK YOU to them for sure.


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