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Neat Contemporary Marble Video


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As a welder by trade.I used to get calls from Amish

to do repair work on their equipment.

After several trips to their sawmill.

I was asked if I would mind them watching

me work?

I replied heck no glad to show what it was like.

After they watched & took notes for a couple of days.

Seems the watching & taking notes

paid off. For them.

Because they started doing their

own welding.

I never got called to the mill for repair work again.

It looks like the same thing is going to

happen in the contemporary marble market.

Look for an influx of contemps from Japan.

Talk about teaching your way out of a job.

Just saying.

If you know something that makes you money.

And it's a skill that you mastered.


Can't wait to see the examples from across the pond.

One thing we can count on is the price will be

less than made in the U.S.A.

Then again that's what competition is all about.


Nice vid any way.


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