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Those Pretty New Marbles From Chine

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Went to some flea markets near and around White Cloud, Kansas last week, One dealer was selling new and perfect 3/4"+ marbles in wide range of beautiful colors and styles from China for $5.00 each. The seller told me that he had machine polished them since the marbles all had slight as-made surface damages and irregularities when he bought them. That may explain the surface irregularities on the similar "vintage" marbles that have been selling recently on eBay.

Also, don't some JABO's have as-made surface damage problems that may be eliminated by polishing?


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If you are talking about this type, fine examples can be had for 10-50cents a piece in bulk. And fine examples of most all the jabos can be had for not much more than that. I can't see why paymuch more money for polished examples when there are plenty of nice new ones available that do not need polishing.


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