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Marbles From Sistersville

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This marble was a gift from some dear friends - Ron Shepherd, Bill McCaleb, Julia and Howard Powell.

This is the marble tree that stands by our driveway. Julia painted Weldon and me from old pics she found on the chat boards. She has Weldon in his typical retirement clothes, pouring marbles around the tree from a can. On the back of the marble, she painted - "To a special couple who sow seeds of knowledge, history, beauty. Always and forever, your friends."

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This is Julia Powell's first cartoon painting on a marble. Notice that the wolf is mad and he has no marbles. The three pigs have won all of his marbles. Alphy Bard bought one of these and Howard Powell has one.

I had a great time at the festival, enjoyed old friends and came away with some contemporary marbles I love.

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