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Best Method Of Shipping Marbles?

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Depends on how many you're shipping. If you're just shipping one, a small package with bubble wrap will do wonders.

The real issue is when you have the potential of marbles knocking together. In this case, you'll probably want to separate them. I have found that a simple barrier, such as a tissue or a plastic bag, will keep them pretty safe.

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I prefer to recieve marbles individually wrapped and then wrapped together and taped. The box filled with bubble wrap to limit movement. Should I ever ship, this is how I will do it. While some may think it overboard, it does not take much effort and reduces possible damage and or complaints.

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When I was selling & shipping marbles/

USPS I used the bubble envelope, with 1 marble

wrapped with tissue & then taped together, with other marbles.

in a plastic bag.

When I shipped Priority.

I wrapped one marble at a time &

then put them in a plastic bag.

Taped the bag tight.

Then to save on weight.

the plastic bags from


Wal Mart work well to keep

the rattle down.

I hate plastic pop corn!!

I taped the bag to the inside of the box,

(before assembly)

using the Priority tape, lots of it. LOL

I never had a packing complaint,using this method.



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If you are shipping a bag of marbles (not a baggie full of marbles) like a Vitro or Marble King or advetising polybag or especially a mesh bag, put the bag inside of a baggie or bubblewrap and then wrap/tape it tightly before putting into the final package (usually a box). You want to ensure that the marbles inside the bag cannot move at all (boxes get thrown, etc. by shipper). That way the polybag or the mesh bag does not get torn. Over the years, I have had a few valuable bags get torn because the shipper did not think about it. There was one mesh bag that the shipper carefully cut out some styrofoam to fit the dimensions of the bag lying flat in a box. He put styrofoam on all sides, etc. But, the marbles inside the bag could still move and I received a bunch of marbles outside of a torn up mesh bag....

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