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Akro Cullet Marbles

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I'm going to have to look for more Akro cullet as I used up all I had I think - maybe some is somewhere out in my workshop...lol

I am in the process of "marking" these marbles so they won't get confused with the original vintage ones. The problem is that I haven't decided how to do the marking - to keep it little s as not to distract from the beauty of the glass but to not confuse a collector. I have tried a "Ti" pen but with no real success. I will keep some and sell others I think but that's up in the air too.


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Nice job. Do you do this for others. I have a friend that owns land that is an old dump site and he lets me dig. I have some really neat old cullet and he said that I could have marbles made from them. I tried getting some others to do it but have not heard back from them. Would you do it? What does it cost? How clean do I need to get the glass? What is the smallest size you can make into a marble? Some of the neatest colors are cullets that are 2" x 3" x 1/2" to 3/4" thick. Are they too small?

I would pay to ship to you and marbles back to me with you fee.


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