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Me Again

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post-2848-129217704635_thumb.jpgpost-2848-129217663719_thumb.jpgpost-2848-129217690561_thumb.jpgpost-2848-129217697699_thumb.jpg Well, here I am again! I promise not to blow up the forum here. This time I don't really need an ID. This is a single pontil mica marble (The first pic shows the pontil.) Here is the thing I would like more detail about. This marble is irridized (carnival glass). Has anyone ever seen such a thing? Any idea who made it? I am an avid carnival glass collector (hence my tag) and have about 150 pieces from the turn of last century (Dugan, Northwood, Millersburg and Fenton are the makers I collect.) The process for making carnival would have been something I imagine not a lot of only marble makers would be equipped for. However, I have never heard of any of the carnival glass companies making marbles (though I suspect some of their base glass cullet eventually made its way to some of the marble companies.) This marble has a blue base glass. It also seems weird to have a marble with mica in it and then to irridize it. (Sort of seems like putting aluminum rims on your car and then painting them.) It has a lot of tiny surface hits and a large moon on the bottom (last pic). Likely not in the best shape, although I have a hard time telling what is damage to the surface, and what is mica. Last question, are there any other carnival glass marbles? (Old ones... not the new garbage that I see around.)
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