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2010 Christmas Donation To The Fire Department For Kids

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Thanks to Roger Alley, Jim Perez, Mike Muehlbauer, David Chamberlain, Matthew Davis, Dani & Ernie Kirk, Bobby Newman, Windy Turpin and myself, we all are going to give some children marble joy this Christmas. My wife and I bagged, sealed 4x6" plastic bags and tagged a total of 72 bags for the kids and tomorrow I am going to the small local Fire Department for them to give them the marbles to take to the big fire donation center so they can give them to needy children this Christmas. Toys for Tots is a well deserving association and I support them.

I intend on doing this each year so if you too want to start putting together a gift box of unwanted marbles for my wife and I to get ready for the 2011 Christmas season, I'd love to collect your unwanted marbles for this purpose. This year I was able to collect 4 1/2 one gallon plastic storage bags full of donation marbles.

May the Holiday Season be good for you too.



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I know we all get marbles that are not collectible when we obtain lots/jars/bags of marbles. Rather than just letting them sit in a container and gather dust, I got the idea to donate them to Toys For Tots. My wife quickly said she'd help so off we went and bought 4x6" bags, made a tag to staple on the top of each bag with a chocking warning to the parents and a note and picture of Santa on the tag.

Anyway, I am starting the 2011 collection right now so if any of you want to send me those little wanted and not too used marbles, PM me for my address and you too can make a child happier for Christmas!!!!!

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