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18 Jabo What A Tribute Too


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this tray is for sale....$100.00 includes shipping.....comes individually boxed in little acrylic boxes..these are 1 inch +or-...satisfaction guranteed...i also have a tray of daves experimental one inch that he made for this run....60$ plus 10.00 shipping...


daves experimentals


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Gotta bring Duffy's thread back up to the top 'cause I just got a selection (5/8", 3/4" and 1"-) of about 60 or 70 marbles from this run and while I've usually found the 1" marbles made by Jabo to not be too particularly inspired these are unreal. As fine as some of the finest 3/4" marbles they have made. Each one having full integrity whereas often with 1" marbles the pattern seems to get lost and the colors seem to run out. These are over-the-top gorgeous and the 3/4" ones ain't bad either but the 1" ones excel. David

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