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Hello everyone,

I’ve had some people tell me that they’re experiencing some problems reading certain pages on my website. In particular are the Marble Photography page and the Buy/Sell Marbles page. I think that it is a recent update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7. I have Windows XP at home and I don’t have any problems but at work I have Windows 7 and I see the problem on the two pages (for the record I only look at my website during lunch and breaks :)) If anyone else has noticed any pages on my site not displaying correctly could you please let me know? I’ve placed a link to both of the problem pages below, if you happen to check it out could you let me know what operating system you’re using and what version of Internet Explorer you’re using? Thank you for your help, Joe.

Marble Photography Page– Footer runs into text above it.

Buy/Sell Marbles Page– Text overlapping text above it.

PS this is not an elaborate scheme to get more visitors to my website although I do reserve the right to use it as a future marketing ploy :) Thanks again.

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Lou and Edna, thank you. I know I'm off topic here but if I can ask one more question I promise to go away :) Is anyone here using Google Chrome or Mozilla and if you are have you noticed anything? OK I will cease using the marble forum for tech support if you must stone me please throw large marbles :) Thanks again, Joe.

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