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Glass Cullet And Rods

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I thought it would be educational to show you some of the materials people use glass to make marbles. There are several choices of glass one can use. I have taken pictures of the types of glass I use in making marbles but there certainly are several more types to choose from. Moretti, Laucha, Vetrofond, Fenton, Kokomo, stained glass, Avon glass, old vase cullet, old railroad window glass, borosilicate, Pyrex, beer bottles, wine bottles, Akro, Vitro, Christensen Glass just to name a few.

So here goes, my little glass choices. Fenton, Akro, Vitro, Avon, Moretti, Laucha, Vetrofond, Kokomo, and glass cullet from Quartizite Arizona are shown.

I hope this visual array helps in the understanding of what kinds of materials one may use to make glass marble art.


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